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Dryseal Roofing System

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Case Study - Mingary Castle

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Dryseal provides a hard wearing, long life solution for the homeowner or housebuilder looking for a flat roofing or low pitched roofing system or an alternative to lead detailing. This may be a garage or extension roof project.


Dryseal is a component based glass reinforced polyester (GRP) roofing system. It is different from other systems on the market because Dryseal is supplied as a kit of pre-cured parts, factory manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental standards, and then assembled on-site by our team of approved contractors. Dryseal should not be confused with a typical "wet lay" system, which in contrast is made on-site from glass reinforcement and resins.


Unlike wet lay, the only liquid resin used during the installation of Dryseal is to seal the joints between the various component parts. This substantially reduces the risk of protracted delays caused by weather conditions or quality defects in the finished product. It is important to know that there is no requirement for the use of any naked flames or heat guns which considerably reduces the risk of fire. Dryseal is also great at handling complex detailing.


1m (Small) 4-2m (Small)